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Queen of the Sea

"I believe Caymmi’s work is magnetized with fascination. Its sweet and nostalgic song is pure longing. It is possible to see the “Saveiros”,the fishermens’ voices, the storms and the magic imagery and sounds of “Candomblé in it.  In his eyes, that which is  picturesque in his homeland, Bahia, is profound and dramatic, a true sentiment of a people and its culture.   Jorge Amado once wrote that, in Caymmi’s music, there was something perdurable which only knowledge gained through love and experience could convey . It carries his homeland within, wherever it goes. 
    I was brought up by people with the same  mania of never allowing their beloved homeland to escape from inside of them.

Perhaps part of me is fond of Caymmi due to a nostalgic yearning, or perhaps due to the sea, the great mirror of memories.  Singing Caymmi for me is a necessity. Whether due to its fascination, or from being Marina, half Brazilian, half Cuban, or because the waters of Dona Janaína have bathed, charmed and blessed me,… it no longer matters why. His music is a giant bird with open wings which offers flight, and my song is gratitude. This album is a loving and unique  homage to the poet, Dorival Caymmi”.


Marina de la Riva

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